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“I thank you all implicitly from the bottom of my heart for all the excellent support you have given me throughout what I can only describe as being one of the most daunting experiences and one of the most difficult journeys I have ever experienced in my life. I would be very keen to keep in touch with you all to let you know how my post refuge days are progressing. Also if you are ever struggling yourselves with anything related with the refuge please don’t hesitate to give me a ring and I will do my best to help out as a volunteer. Many thanks ladies…..keep up the good work! You are so important and special to so many vulnerable and isolated women and children.”

“I felt my stay in the refuge was an extreme need for me whilst fleeing from domestic violence. On first arriving at the refuge I felt scared, worried and tense about what my next move would be. I didn’t feel confident to move straight into my home as I felt I needed some support to boost my confidence as it was low due to harassment and emotional abuse. The staff have helped me no end and gave me the confidence to put my ex-partner behind bars. I felt the refuge was my sanctuary and I felt incredibly safe and supported throughout my stay”

“I am truly grateful for being able to stay at the refuge. I couldn’t have left my home to immediately start again in a house. The time my children and I spent in the refuge was much needed to get our heads around our circumstances and to have that time where we felt safe and protected was absolutely paramount. The staff were very kind and welcoming and sensitive and helpful. I feel that I wouldn’t have left my abusive life behind had I not had the refuge as a stop gap and this place will always hold happy memories.  This is where I walked in a broken woman and in just a few short weeks I am leaving strong and ready to start my new life with my amazing children. Many thanks to X you have been an amazing support worker.”

“When I first came to the refuge 5 months ago I was in such a state and my life was a mess. The staff at my refuge helped me every step of the way and their support was priceless. I didn’t enjoy being there at first because it wasn’t home but as soon as I got to know the staff I started to enjoy my stay. The refuge has changed my life for the best and I will be forever grateful to all the staff and all the other organisations involved, I never knew there were so many domestic violence organisations out there. I am sad to leave the refuge but I look forward to my new future.”

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