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Cover your tracks

Warning: If you are worried about someone knowing you have visited this website please read the following safety information.
You may need to cover your tracks if you are worried about someone finding out that you have visited this website. To do this, you can remove your browsing history from your computer’s memory. If you want to be sure that your actions are not being tracked, the safest way to access the internet would be by using a computer at your local library, at a friend’s house or at work.
You can leave this site immediately by clicking the pink 'Leave Site' button on the right side of the website. Although this allows you to leave the site, it does not delete your history. To learn how to do this, see below. 
What is private browsing?
Private browsing allows you to keep your Internet sessions private from other users of the same computer or device. Private browsing mode will remove your temporary browsing data, search history and cookies, which could be saved by the web browser. Some private browsing modes can delete files that you have downloaded or bookmarked. 
How do i enable this?

For details of how to cover your tracks visit:

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