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A first for Salford, Salford Charities 2Gether has opened our charity shop in Eccles to support two local domestic violence charities.

Salford has a serious problem with domestic abuse – more cases are recorded here than in any other part of Greater Manchester. The high-profile murders of two local young mums in the past two years – Linzi Ashton and Becky Ayres – at the hands of their violent ex-partners has pushed the issue into the spotlight, but more needs to be done to support those going through what is often extreme abuse. It’s a problem that affects the whole community.


In the list of causes worth supporting, there can be few more deserving that those who help find sanctuary and solace for victims of domestic violence. But charities are hamstrung from fundraising – they can’t tell the media what they do, who for or even where their offices are, as it could put the safety of their clients in danger.


The unit on Eccles precinct first made a name for itself as the pop-up Salford Charities Shop which opened to great fanfare in October 2013. Now the shop could mean thousands of pounds of vital lifesaving funds to support the Salford Women’s Centre and Salford Women’s Aid. The response and support received has been overwhelming.


Your donations for the charity shop are much appreciated, please keep them coming. We are always looking for volunteers to help with the running of the shop.


If you are able to support us with donations/volunteering for our charity shop email us:

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