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The Positive You course is an empowerment course which focuses on ways to improve self esteem and self confidence. We look at improving communication skills and developing assertiveness. We explore the difference between unhealthy and healthy relationships and help group attendees recognise and identify what domestic abuse is and how to break free from it. Group attendees may have been isolated by the abuser and lost family and friends. By increasing support networks and improving positive mental health we help break this isolation.

The course is designed to give women back what is lost when in an abusive relationship. It is recognised that Victims of domestic abuse will loose confidence and self esteem. They will carry a lot of guilt and believe that the abuse is their fault.  The impact of systematic abuse on women affects all areas of their lives from the way they parent to loosing employment.  Both their general heath and mental health is affected. They may have had a long criminal court cases to manage and civil court and family court proceedings.  They may still be suffering harassment from their ex-partner or are still in the abusive relationship hoping to gain the courage to leave.

The course has become very popular.  The feedback we have received has been very positive.  The main thing that helps is meeting other people in a similar situation and realising for the first time that they are not alone in their experiences.  The group provides a supportive environment. It’s relaxed and informal and we end every session with a home cooked lunch provided by the Women’s centre.  This provides a forum to socialise and get to know each other better.  New friendships are formed and group attendees will often meet each other outside the group and these friendships will continue once the course has finished.

Some women who have completed the course have gone on to volunteer and start college or university. We have had one woman pass her driving instructors course, which she said she would never have thought of doing after years of the abuser telling her she was useless and couldn’t drive, she is now a qualified instructor. Women have also started new jobs and new hobbies. They have started new relationships and improved their existing relationships. Group attendees have given excellent feedback that the course has given them their life back.

how do i apply?

This course is only available to women who are open to SIDASS, our Domestic Abuse Service.
If you would like some more information, or would like to complete a self referral,
please contact our helpline on 0161 793 3232.
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